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Stories from Dream Space

Welcome to our exhibition

Discover life in Bath but not as you know it. Listen, watch and read stories from citizens of Bath. Gain a unique insight into how the pandemic, racism and the climate & ecological crisis are shaping life in Bath. Together, let’s dream of a city that is not just beautiful, but also kinder, more inclusive, and exists in balance with nature.

Inspired by the protest stories heard on the streets of Bath, Dream Space convened over one hundred Bath citizens to listen and share stories of the three defining issues of our time: The Covid-19 pandemic – the climate & ecological  crisis – racism. 

More than fifty stories were shared, expressed through poetry, song, spoken word and free form-reflections. Our exhibition brings them to you through a series of short films, podcast episodes and stories gallery.

When we listen to different personal stories, we can learn together as a community, empathise on a much deeper level, and feel connected. This is where change begins. 

Share your story

Our exhibition will remain open for the foreseeable future, and we are inviting more people to step forward and share their story. 

If you live in Bath and have a personal connection to any of the three issues we are exploring, reach out and share your story with us.

Get involved

There is more to come in the Dream Space journey, and we are looking to connect with Bath citizens to support us.


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