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What if our collective imaginations could shape better realities where we live?

Dream Space is a project inspired by protest stories heard on the streets of Bath. From the climate and ecological crisis, to racism and the inequalities of the Covid-19 pandemic. When we listen and hear different personal stories being shared we can learn together as a community.

But stories are rarely intentionally documented and not everyone feels that they can speak up. The nature of protest and crisis tends also to focus on the issues of today, the present, with no space for imagining what could be, how the future might look if we could co-create it. And of course there are many who never show themselves on the street.

Dream Space will listen, collect and share stories that will help shape the future of our city.

How to get involved

We are an experimental, community-led project that aims to surface and amplify local voices around three key issues: racism, the climate and ecological crisis and the inequalities revealed through the Covid-19 pandemic.

If you live in Bath and have a personal connection to any of the three issues that we aim to explore, reach out and tell us your story.

Photo by Jamie Bellinger


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