From the school climate strikes to the Covid-19 pandemic and most recently the Black Lives Matter movement, Bath as a city has been shaken up in the last year, different stories have started to rise.

What we know is that people in Bath are becoming more aware of deeper social and environmental challenges and beginning to understand how they exist in our city.

For us, as practitioners of community driven change and as citizens of the city, we have been exposed to these issues through our work and have witnessed on the streets in protest, powerful and challenging personal stories being shared — but nothing is ever intentionally documented and shared more widely, and not everyone feels that they can speak up.

The nature of protest and crisis tends also to focus on the issues of today, the present, with no space for imagining what could be, how the future might look if we could co-create it.

And of course there are many who never show themselves on the street.

Dream Space, a project conceived and convened by Good for Nothing in partnership with Wild Labs, is an experimental, creative and participative project where we invite people from the city of Bath, to share their stories of today and their dreams for tomorrow on racism, the climate and ecological crises, and the social inequalities revealed through Covid-19 – all rooted in a place based perspective.

Our aim: to collect stories and use creative ways like film, audio and print to ensure they are heard by much wider audiences.

The project has two phases:

Convening people on and offline to create safe spaces to share their stories on racism, the climate and ecological crises and the inequalities revealed through Covid-19 from a Bath perspective. To capture these stories creatively. To explore the stories captured through this phase, explore our online exhibition here.

Informed by what emerges through the listening phase we will design and host a ‘dreaming’ event on a Saturday in an outdoor location near the city . Our intention is to convene 50 people who have submitted personal stories and represent diverse perspectives across the issues.

Over the day and with expert facilitation, guiding, food and fun we will collectively dream and imagine how the city would evolve, what would change for more people to feel like they are seen, heard, represented and able to participate fully with agency as residents and citizens of Bath.

This event will be captured through film and visual art and edited into a final output to be shared widely in 2021.

DreamSpace is supported by #NationalLottery Community funding to support communities to think about their #EmergingFutures against the backdrop of COVID-19.


To contact the Dream Space crew please email us [email protected]