Listen. Share. Dream

Stories from Dream Space – visit our online exhibition

Our online exhibition features more than fifty moving and thought-provoking stories captured through our listening phase towards the end of 2020, revealing the lived experiences of the pandemic, the climate & ecological crisis and racism here in Bath.

The collection features poems, songs, spoken word performances and free-form reflections, is presented through a series of short films, audio podcast episodes and stories gallery.

The exhibition will remain open for the foreseeable future, so that more of our fellow citizens can explore life in Bath today, and imagine what it could be in the future.

The Dreaming Event – Summer 2021

Informed by what has emerged through the listening phase, we are in the process of designing a ‘dreaming’ event, which will be held on a Saturday this Summer, in an outdoor location near the city. Our intention is to convene our storytellers and those who represent diverse perspectives across the issues.

Over the day and with expert facilitation, guiding, food and fun we will collectively dream and imagine how the city would evolve, what would change for more people to feel like they are seen, heard, represented and able to participate fully with agency as residents and citizens of Bath.

This event will be captured through film and visual art and edited into a final output to be shared widely in 2021.

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