Podcast Episode 2

Life in the climate & ecological crisis

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“2020 was the hottest year on record, I mean, we’re just breaking records left, right and centre, is a terrifying reality, particularly when most of the world’s population didn’t go anywhere, and life as we know it was on hold.

However, despite this huge challenge ahead of us, I do feel hopeful, and genuinely the reason I feel hopeful, is by hearing stories like this, whether it’s knowing there’s a way through climate grief, or hearing about all the brilliant work happening on a local level, which is being led by grassroots community organisations, you know we’re not waiting for change to happen elsewhere, we’re taking that and owning it….”

Dream Space crew member, Bex Fox has been involved in the climate movement since moving to Bath five years ago, and hosts this episode ‘Life in Bath and the climate & ecological crisis,’ bringing together some of the fascinating and inspiring personal stories shared with Dream Space in Autumn/Winter 2020. Through poetry, reflections and ramblings, these stories give us a unique insight into Bath’s climate movement, and encourage us all to imagine what a city in balance with nature could look like in the future. 

Stories shared in November 2020, podcast episode recorded in February 2021.

Listen to this selection of stories and discover:

  • The different paths a green journey can take 
  • What it means to be an activist or ‘actively’ involved in the climate movement on a local level 
  • How communities are leading climate action in Bath 
  • The challenges of working / gifting time in this space, and how we can overcome them
  • The opportunities for change here in Bath


The Dream Space Website: https://thedreamspace.co.uk 

The Dream Space exhibition: https://thedreamspace.co.uk/exhibition featuring more than fifty stories shared by Bath citizens, revealing the lived experiences of the pandemic, racism and the climate & ecological crisis in Bath, and how together we can create a city that is not only beautiful, but also kinder, more inclusive and in balance with nature.

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Host: Bex Fox @bexbexfoxfox (instagram) @bexbexfoxfox (twitter)

Edit: Charlie Shread

Shownotes: Bex Fox

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Organisations / Resources mentioned

Bath & North East Somerset Green Party https://bath.greenparty.org.uk/ 

Blooming Whiteway https://www.bloomingwhiteway.com/ 

Extinction Rebellion Bath https://xrbath.org.uk/ 

Extinction Rebellion Bath Youth https://xrbath.org.uk/event/bath-xr-youth-130820/ / https://www.instagram.com/xryouth.bath/ 

FACE (Families Acting on Climate Emergency) http://www.familiesactingonclimateemergency.org.uk/ 

Greenpeace Bath – https://greenwire.greenpeace.org.uk/s/group/0F94H000000CHkxSAG/bath-greenpeace 

Liveable Neighborhoods – https://beta.bathnes.gov.uk/liveable-neighbourhoods 

The Work That Reconnects – https://workthatreconnects.org/ Tufa Field Campaign – https://tufafield.ddns.net/