Podcast Episode 3

Experiences of racism

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“There has been a shift globally in the way in which racial disparities are spoken about. This is no longer a conversation happening ‘off the record’ for fear of backlash, this is a conversation happening out in the open.

I truly believe that having conversations, listening to stories, and recognizing the experiences of members of our community creates space for healing, growth, and change.

Hopefully, this episode will be an opportunity for you to learn something or confront an uncomfortable topic or maybe this episode will allow you to realize you’re not alone if you have also experienced racism in Bath.”

Ruqia Osman is an Anti-Racism activist and Dream Space crew member, and hosts this episode ‘Life in Bath and experiences of racism,’ bringing together some of the powerful and moving personal stories shared with Dream Space in Autumn/Winter 2020. Through poetry, spoken word, reflections and ramblings, these stories give us a unique insight into what it’s like to experience racism in the city, the challenges but also opportunities for change, and how together, we can create a kinder and more inclusive Bath.

Stories shared in October 2020, and podcast episode recorded in February 2021.

Listen to this selection of stories and discover:

  • The different forms racism can take, from direct abuse to microaggressions, and how these impact people’s lives in the city every day
  • The positive change happening in Bath to address racism
  • Why now is the time to address the culture of whiteness
  • How allies can become actively anti-racist 
  • How, we as a community, can create a more inclusive Bath


The Dream Space Website: https://thedreamspace.co.uk 

The Dream Space exhibition: https://thedreamspace.co.uk/exhibition featuring more than fifty stories shared by Bath citizens, revealing the lived experiences of the pandemic, racism and the climate & ecological crisis in Bath, and how together we can create a city that is not only beautiful, but also kinder, more inclusive and in balance with nature.

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Host: Ruqia Osman @itsruqiaa (instagram) @ruqiaOsm (twitter)

Edit: Charlie Shread

Shownotes: Bex Fox

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Organisations / Resources mentioned

Bath Against Racism – https://m.facebook.com/Bathonelove (organisers of the Blacks Lives Matter peaceful protest)

Black Families Education Support Group – https://www.educationequals.org.uk/ 

Privilege Cafe – https://twitter.com/privilegecafe

University of Bath Amnesty Society – https://www.instagram.com/bathuniamnesty