On Wednesday the 10th June 2020 I attended the Black Lives Matter Movement Peaceful Protest.  During the protest I photographed a series of still images using my 35mm Black and White celluloid film camera, indicating the emotional response of the individuals attending the march. 

The protest was incredibly inspiring, listening to many individuals’ exposure to racism was exceptionally powerful and moving. Despite the rain, a united group stood in solidarity and came together as one.

As allies who want equality and peace, it is our responsibility to make noise to demand justice, to educate ourselves, to listen but more than anything to spread love. Let’s work together to dismantle racism within our families and social circles, this means calling out bigoted thinking and white privilege on the spot, reminding people that as the world is evolving this archaic and dangerous way of thinking needs to stop.

Acknowledge the truth, racism permeates the deepest core of our society and lives are being taken because of it. Show up and listen with compassion, if you’re reading this you have already started this step, please continue to do so. I urge you to talk to love ones who may not understand, come from a place of love and initiate conversations. I urge you to use whatever platform you have, I urge you to use your voice, your ability and show up to make a difference. I urge you to educate yourself as much as possible, I urge you to sign petitions, donate if you are in a position to, contact your local MP, I urge you to make a change, stand up and fight for what is fundamentally a basic human right!

Remember, as painful as it is navigating in these unprecedented times, we are built to make it through. Remember to be tender with yourself, remember that in order to show up you need to rest, reflect and take care, please consider your boundaries and identify the difference between what you’re consuming and what’s consuming you.

A golden rule that has stuck with me throughout my life is: ‘Treat others as you wished to be treated’. This quote goes beyond simply being kind to people. Think about others the way you want to be thought of. Feel about others the way you would want others to feel about you. Speak to others the way you want to be spoken to. 

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