Life in Bath and the climate & ecological crisis

I moved onto a canal boat when I was 16 to explore sustainable living in nature and community. This was the start of an ecological and spiritual awareness that has guided me into activism, land-based work and starting a permaculture market garden. 

For 2 years I travelled around permaculture farms, eco-villages and solutions-hubs, before delving into more direct political activism. This led me to co-founding Extinction Rebellion Bath, XR Bath Youth and the Bath Youth Climate Alliance (organising the climate strikes). Being arrested for Non-violent direct action has been one of the most empowering steps of my life. 

Starting my journey with solutions and active hope has given me an orientation of the problem not simply as a crisis but a potential tipping point in human history for a transformation to a regenerative culture. As my journey began with permaculture and practical sustainability, I find myself basing my action on love rather than fear – this is not to say that I do not feel the eco-anxiety, grief and fear that accompany ecological work, but that I channel these feelings into positive action in the present. 

Discovering permaculture, natural building and growing food changed my life. This is now my primary occupation, running a market garden and veg box scheme. It is inseparable from my activism, it is my direct form of creative protest to the greatest source of emissions and biodiversity loss – industrial monoculture farming. I counter this through diverse, agro-ecological growing, permaculture and regenerative agriculture.

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