Stories from Dream Space

Welcome to the exhibition

Dream Space convened Bath citizens to listen and share stories of the three defining issues of our time: The Covid-19 pandemic; the climate & ecological crisis; racism. 

Over fifty stories were shared, expressed through poetry, song, spoken word and free-form reflections, and our exhibition brings them to you through a series of short films, podcast episodes and stories gallery.

We invite you to explore and share these inspiring, moving and thought-provoking stories, so that they may inspire the change we wish to see in Bath.

Note: Due to the issues we have explored through Dream Space, some of the stories can be challenging to witness. If you are under the age of 18, we suggest you let your parent/guardian know you are seeking to explore this exhibition.

Short Films

Community is immunity

Beautifully edited by local filmmaker, Dan Martin, this 6-minute film reveals how the pandemic is changing lives in here in the city.

Don’t bring this to our city

The second of our short films explores experiences of racism in Bath, and how we can create a more inclusive city.

Living in a climate emergency

The third film in our short film series reveals what it’s like to live in a climate & ecological emergency, and what a greener future could look like here in Bath.


Episode #1: Life in Bath & the pandemic

“The pandemic has touched every single person in our city, but although we’re in the same storm, we’re all in very different boats. Life in Bath has changed forever.

Episode #2: Life in Bath & the climate and ecological crisis

“Despite this huge challenge ahead of us, I do feel hopeful, and the reason I feel hopeful, is by hearing stories like this….you know we’re not waiting for change to happen elsewhere, we’re taking that and owning it….”

Episode #3: Life in Bath & experiences of racism

“There has been a shift globally in the way in which racial disparities are spoken about. This is no longer a conversation happening ‘off the record’ for fear of backlash, this is a conversation happening out in the open. “

Stories Gallery

Captured through our community gatherings and online, this collection of stories offers a unique insight into life in Bath today, from the challenges many of our fellow citizens face, to how as a community, we can create positive change in the future – for people and planet.

We invite you to listen, watch, read and share.