Captured through our community gatherings and online, this collection of inspiring and thought-provoking stories from Bath citizens offers a unique insight into life in Bath today. How as a community, we can create positive change in the future. For people and planet.

We invite you to listen. watch. read and share.

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Forget the Universe''

The Tufa Field


Dealing with cancer & covid


A changing world

Micro poems in lockdown

Let's celebrate diversity!

An issue we must not ignore

Treat others as you wished to be treated

Sustainable living

Accidentally green

Open Water Beauts

Creativity and Community

A song for Dream Space

Watching the clouds

Lockdown 1

White British

A lack of diversity

Finding safe spaces

Families acting on climate emergency

Fridays for Future

Nature connections

Strength in creativity

A chalk outline

'The Lockdown'


Silver linings

A precious time

Distant siblings

Extraordinary Stories

Change is possible

Close to home

Sometimes good, sometimes tough

There is still hope

Lifting spirits

A committed movement

A Compassionate Community


The Good Stuff

Building back better

A dream to bring us closer

You're not alone in this fight

Reigniting intimacy with nature

Young voices


Don't give up

My Blackness is not a weakness

Regenerative activism

The Nature Gods

A chance to breathe

Green pioneers

Why activism

Young minds

A space between

Communicating for Community

Behind my smile

Where are you really from?




Global change on a local level

The power of togetherness

A green journey with Greenpeace